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The term “prostho” means replacement and “dontist” means dealing with teeth. So, a prosthodontist is a highly qualified dental specialist who deals with the restoration of the appearance and function of the patient's teeth and gums, and problems concerning lost teeth and replacement of teeth.

Make an appointment with a prosthodontist if your dental problems concerning the following: teeth do not satisfy in shape or shade, "native" teeth are destroyed and properly cannot perform their functions, have missing tooth or jaw problems, need crown or dentures, or need to change a prosthetic tooth inserted into a spot where you lost a tooth, any aesthetic defects.

Preserved teeth roots allow the prosthetist to perform a restoration procedure. But if it is impossible to save the tooth, the best option of dental prosthetics for the patient is selected using artificial additional materials.

In the process of restoring damaged teeth or replacing missing teeth, prosthodontists use a variety of methods which include fillings, dentures, veneers, and lumineers, inlays and crowns, bridges and dental implants, different removable and non-removable prostheses, etc.

Prosthodontists often called the "oral architects”. To provide patients highly qualified dental help and care, prosthodontists closely work with dental technicians and other dental specialists, taking into consideration each patient’s particular dental needs.