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#2Maida Smiles Clinic
020 3583 9809
207-209 Sutherland Avenue Little Venice Maida Vale London W9 1RU
Maida Vale
#17Hermitage Clinic
020 7481 2999
41 Hermitage Court Unit 1 Wapping High Street London E1W 1NR

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The origin of Orthodontics comes from Greek, where “Orthos” means “straight, perfect or proper”, and “dontos” means “teeth”.

An orthodontist is a highly qualified dental specialist who deals with the prevention, diagnostics, treatment, and correction of abnormally teeth growth, improper tooth positioning, correction of malocclusion, and jaw improper alignment.

During orthodontic treatment is used a wide range of non-removable and removable special orthodontic devices and instruments. Some popular of them are braces, clear aligners, headgears, Invisalign trays, and others to gently move teeth into the needed place and position. Correcting of badly positioned teeth also may eliminate some stagnation areas which help to prevent caries and developing periodontal diseases.

Orthodontic treatment solves such popular dental problems as gaps between the teeth, crowding, underbite, overbite, crossbite, open bite, misplaced midline. Orthodontists specialized in all orthodontic care options and technologies offering for adults, teens, and children.