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#1Puresmile Dental Care
020 8343 4122
5 Station Road Finchley London N3
#17London Dental Implant
+44 800 567 7439
158-160 Battersea Park Road Battersea London SW11 4ND United Kingdom
#18Half Moon Dental Centre
+44 20 7733 0011
1-3 Half Moon Lane Herne Hill SE24 9JU United Kingdom
Denmark Hill
#19Emergency Dentist London Willesden
223 High Rd Willesden London Nw10 2ry London NW10 2TE United Kingdom

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Surgical dentistry is a direction of General dentistry that prevents diseases of the oral cavity and teeth diagnoses arising diseases and finds the way to treats them. It has a close connection with therapy, orthopedics, orthodontics, therefore, they often use common diagnostic and treatment methods.

Surgical dentistry includes not only teeth removal but tooth-preserving operations. An oral surgeon is a highly qualified dental specialist who performs surgical procedures on the mouth, teeth, jaws, and face. He is also able to diagnose, prevent and treat many different pathologies and injuries of all organs of the oral cavity, as well as the maxillofacial region.

An oral surgeon deal with tooth extraction of any complexity, defects, and destruction of the dentition and jaw, operations on the mucosa, sinus lifting and dental implantation, repairing a cleft lip and palate, facial injury and trauma including broken jaws and broken or knocked-out teeth, repairing complex facial fractures, corrective jaw surgery including the misalignment of jaws and teeth, temporomandibular arthritis, maxillary abscess, gingivitis, hyperesthesia of the teeth and enamel hypoplasia, treatment of inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity, infectious diseases of the teeth, gums and the entire oral cavity, dental caries and cysts, leukoplakia, periodontitis, and periodontal diseases, osteomyelitis of the jaws, pulpitis, stomatitis, fluxes and so on.

Now dentistry has made a huge leap forward and its possibilities in restoration and treatment of teeth become and more diverse than ever before! Oral surgeons have unique knowledge and experience to diagnose and treat a host of functional and cosmetic dental problems.