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Aestheticians are licensed skincare specialists who use different methods and techniques to treat skincare issues of their clients. They can work in the beauty sphere or medical field.

The first mentioned aestheticians usually work in beauty salons, spa-centers, fitness-clubs, resorts, and spa-resorts. They provide such services as facials, exfoliation, anti-aging procedures, full-body treatments, laser or wax hair removal, sugaring hair removal, makeup services, professional skincare tips, etc. Their main goal is to enhance the skin condition and its appearance thanks to a proper plan of treatment and rendered procedures.

The second mentioned aestheticians usually work in hospitals, medical and trauma centers, burn wards. They perform many of the same services as first aestheticians but also have a deal with more serious cases. They work with patients who have skin diseases, scars, and other skin imperfections and whose skin damaged due to different diseases, fire, accident, surgery chemotherapy, plastic surgery, or other operations.

Medical aestheticians educate patients to care for their skin before and after disease, surgery or an accident, to mask skin defects with the help of makeup, solve other skin problems emerging from health problems.