Chelsea Dental Clinic

Chelsea Dental Clinic

298 Fulham Road London SW10 9EP


We proudly provide all dental treatments under one roof and have in-house specialists available, as well as advanced equipment and technology. See below for just a few examples of what we do: Tailored Smile Makeovers - (including same day mini makeover) Veneers - porcelain or same day veneers Dental pain diagnosis and treatment Dental Implants Bone grafts and sinus lifts Use of patient's own extracted tooth as graft material Gum depigmentation Gum contouring (aligning uneven gum margins) Laser tongue tie Prophyflex (air abrasion stain removal technique) Specialists in house - including endodontist (root canal treatment), periodontist (gum treatment) and orthodontist (straightening teeth) Invisalign - clear aligners to straighten teeth Six Month Smiles - straightens teeth in approx. 6 months Teeth whitening - guarantee B1 shade using Enlighten Tooth coloured fillings ... and a lot more treatments. Whether you just need one treatment or a whole package - you can rest assured you have one team taking care of your dental needs.

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