Resection of the tooth root apex

/ Resection of the tooth root apex

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Diagnosis: chronic periodontitis, tooth 36. Combined treatment of chronic periodontitis. Root apex resection implies the removal of the upper third of the root of a monoradicular tooth while preserving the structure and the tooth itself. This manipulation is performed under local anesthesia and takes less than an hour.

The initial radiographs.

the passage of the medial root canals; root canal system.

root canal obstruction using soft-core obturators

intermediate result: the opening of the tooth is filled with a temporary filling, control radiograph.


flap mobilization

access to the hard tissues

root apex

view of the resected root in the mirror

retrograde dissection with an ultrasonic nozzle

retrograde filling of the AIT

flap fixation

post-operative view

control radiographs: immediately after the operation and a year later

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